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WCO 1/200 Hughes HK-1 "Hercules"

Steve Evans

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The idea behind this was to create something for the Spruce goose.

What if Howard Hughes had finally got his beloved "Hercules" into service, maybe in time for Korea? Why not? :classic_blink::classic_biggrin:











This was my very first use of the Silhouette 3 for creating a full set of markings. So basically I needed something fairly simple, not too intricate for me to get to grips with using the programme and the machine. I practised on a number of types of vynil and transfer tapes...lessons learned for future projects of a more daring nature. :classic_biggrin:

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Looks pretty impressive to me Steve! You’re right to start off gently!

The more work I do on the Silhouette the more I realise it’s all about method, especially finding shortcuts that not only save time but ensure accuracy. An example from yesterday: I was drawing an “S”, it was a squarish one (WW2 RAF style) so there was a horizontal line of symmetry on it. I drew the top half, grouped the lines, copied it, went to “object” on the top bar, flipped it vertically then horizontally then joined the two halves together and grouped them as one. Easy.....and so much easier than drawing the whole thing! 

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