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  1. Hi there, welcome aboard.
  2. I think that given your KLP Publishing activities and work on LSP, you're doing as much as you reasonably can on here, and we thank you for it.
  3. I have to say that pretty much sums up my thoughts too. It would be a shame if the site were to go, but we can't expect Kev to carry on paying out of his own pocket, and are there enough members willing and able to donate to be viable? A hard question, perhaps. I would like to say thank you, Kev, for your work to date in setting up and running this site.
  4. Hello Mark, and welcome. That's a very colourful Colt, well done.
  5. I have this problem too, so following this thread. I do have a work-around though. Print out what you want in MS Word, scan in at 1200 dpi as a jpg, then import into Studio and trace.
  6. Hello there, and I agree with Kev^^^ - see how it goes and consider the upgrade if and when you feel the need.
  7. Thanks Max, I have absolutely no doubt it will be. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  8. Agreed: been there, done that. This checked nose looks fine to me.
  9. View File ThunderboltMkII-79Sqn.studio3 KJ233/NV:G of 79 Sqn RAF in Burma, seen at 2:55 in this short film: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060025281 Date? The latter part of 1944-1945, I can't be more precise than that at the moment. Sized for Hasegawa 1:32 kit. Includes spares of all markings. Submitter MikeC Submitted 05/16/2022 Category Specific Aircraft
  10. Version 1.0.0


    KJ233/NV:G of 79 Sqn in Burma, seen at 2:55 in this short film: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060025281 Date? The latter part of 1944-1945, I can't be more precise than that at the moment. Includes spares of all markings.
  11. Hi Franz, good to have you here
  12. Agreed. I'm very pleased with my Portrait 3. Me too, and I'm not a dinosaur, but an ex-IT person. ๐Ÿ˜€
  13. Hello Gassman and . Like you & Max, I'm in the UK, in St Neots, Cambs. Yes, the machines are an expensive initial outlay. However, against that set the cost of all the aftermarket decal sheets you won't have to buy. It will pay for itself over time, and you can have the exact subject you want to do. I have a Portrait 3 which does everything I need. The only accessory I've added is a low-tack cutting mat as the masking material I use - Artool Ultra Mask - did not easily detach from the normal-tack mat supplied with the machine. [Edit] I bought it from Graphtec, and highly recommend them - excellent service. https://www.graphtecgb.shop/shop/
  14. Hello there, and . I was a Brit in Texas once, in fact twice - a grand total of 5 hours or so in total passing through DFW en route LGW to ABQ and return. ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. FINISHED!! This one seems to have fought me most of the way: perhaps that's my fault, perhaps the kit, perhaps a bit of both. But here it is, warts'n'all, and I'm now rather pleased with it: it's been a useful learning experience from the masking point of view, not least the checks. I'll do some proper RFI shots in due course, but meanwhile, here's some "taster" pics: A small touch of artistic licence: I'm not one of those who insist that all invasion stripes painted in the days before D-Day were scruffy ("hobby-horse" alert!!), but the black straying up the aerial was deliberate on my part. The other stray black on the stripe behind wasn't, but I decided to leave it anyway. Did you wonder "Will it ever be finished"? I know I did. Thanks for staying with me, and for all the encouraging remarks along the way.
  16. Thanks Kev; wilco when she's on her legs.
  17. Suddenly it's coming together and starting to look as it should. Today I matted down the nose checks and redid the anti-glare panel which had suffered some overspray at some point. Then I added Capt Johnson's scoreboard using a Kits World set of generic kill markings; mended the tailwheel which broke earlier in the build (but nothing superglue and a pin couldn't fix); removed the windscreen masks plus the kit canopy which was being used to mask the cockpit (so it wasn't completely useless after all ); and added the Quickboost exhausts. Sometimes you just get one of those kits that fight you all the way, but (touch wood) it's very nearly the last lap!
  18. I'm back. Funny thing, I failed to get this over the line in the GB on LSP, so a lot of pressure was off and I felt I wanted to get back to it. I've been doing the nose masking and painting. In the end I applied all the checks individually, one by one, then removed the pieces where the red was going to go. It was a slow process, but in the end I felt it was the best way to align them correctly. I was quite gratified by the way they fitted: all those endless test cuts/fittings with paper paid off. Btw, that purple stuff is liquid mask. And although I picked up a pot of Tamiya gloss red by mistake (the gloss and matt are X7 and XF7 respectively), I was reasonably happy with the result - nothing a coat of matt varnish won't fix. There were several areas where the small masks were not quite tacked down properly, so a bit of delicate brush-work was needed on some squares. Still by no means perfect, but as always the camera magnifies any errors: it looks a lot better in real life than it does here (honest!). So in the interests of finishing this bird (and the interests of my sanity) I'm going to accept it as is.
  19. Never thought of that, perhaps I'll give it a go.
  20. This may seem an odd topic for a forum dedicated to paint masks, but bear with me please. I take it that most, if not all, of us here are interested in masking and painting markings because we believe (rightly imo) that it give a better representation of a real aircraft's markings, and we enjoy the process (or we wouldn't do it). But thinking about a Spitfire I'm just embarking on, it occurred to me that the red-doped fabric patches over the gun ports are better represented by decals. The real thing was a doped fabric patch, so the decal is actually better at representing that; and a decal will shrink slightly as it dries (particularly if setting solutions are used) and thus settle into the gun port - again, like the real thing. This made me think about other occasions when decals may be preferable to masks, and I can think of three: As above, Spitfire gun ports: and many other types, of course; Where you have to, such as: Very small markings like data stencils - often these are decals irl anyway, I've even seen them with 1:1 silvering; Complex markings like unit badges which are beyond the capability of the cutting machine or the modeller (without intending to be derogatory to anyone); Dayglo strips on RAF trainers in the 1960s-70s scheme: these were adhesive strips (like Fablon) irl, and thus a decal will represent their slight thickness better. Can anyone think of any more?
  21. Thanks Max, I'm hoping so. It's so very nearly at the end, but to achieve a finish (taking into account the probability of at least one more setback) would have meant rushing it. I had enough of deadlines when I was at work, I try to avoid them these days. I've been following your Lanc painting on FB, looks really great.
  22. Indeed, that seems to be the only way Max. But it's slow. However, I'm afraid there comes a time when a model can turn into a bit of a chore rather than a pleasure, and that time has been reached with this: I never thought I'd get there with a Mustang, but here I am. So I'm shelving this for a little while, and switching to something else for the moment. But the Comet will be back eventually.
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