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  1. Morning Phil. I’m afraid I can’t give you much of a steer on your questions simply because I do all my design work directly with the Silhouette software, I have no experience of importing vector files or similar from external sources. The Silhouette software is perfectly capable of doing everything that you might conceivably need mask-wise though with obvious limitations on minimum sizes. Sorry that I can’t help further. Max
  2. Morning Phil, good to see you here. As you’ll see from many people’s comments here, the Silhouette is a real game-changer when it comes to modelling potential. If you need any further advice please ask away and collectively we’ll do our best to help out. Max
  3. Mozart


    Thanks Peter, I didn’t realise those arms could be used like that, it makes life considerably easier! 👍 Max
  4. Welcome Iain, always good to see new members. Enjoy your new toy, it will soon become an essential item for you!
  5. No, just the indicator though I always lightly run my finger across the end just to gauge how much blade is sticking out.....be careful!
  6. When you take your blade out of the holder, is it really set at 1? Check that first, it sounds to me like too much blade is showing if it’s cutting that deeply on the figures you’ve quoted.
  7. Ha, well I’m a retired art teacher Dave, so everything is “visual” for me! 😆
  8. I’m afraid I did mine very much “old school”, neolithic even! I taped the area to be masked on the canopy then drew around the outline as exactly as I could. Then I took the tape off the canopy and laid it flat on the bench, photographed it and imported that into Silhouette, then drew it out. I needed to tweak it a little in places and on the more severe curves on the internal masks added a “cut line” to accommodate the curvature. It might seem long-winded but it works and of course it’s easy to duplicate for both sides of the outer canopy, AND by reducing the size slightly you’ve g
  9. Good to see you here Peter.....any questions just ask away though there’s already some useful stuff on this forum. Max
  10. Not sure why you need to turn a scanned image into a vector file Lee, I never have. Once scanned (into my photos folder) I just "slide" the image across into the Silhouette drawing page and enlarge as necessary from there. You'll need to go to the top tool bar and "send the image to the back" before you can start tracing it. Hope this helps Max
  11. Stunningly beautiful and full of atmosphere.....love it! 😄
  12. Mozart

    fw 190 dora

    Very lifelike, my kind of photo! Well done.
  13. Good to see you here Dave, hope all goes well with the Silhouette!
  14. Perhaps they have Kev, I’m pretty sure my Cameo 3 didn’t have those features before I had the Designer upgrade, but good on Silhouette if they have incorporated it!
  15. From a modelling perspective, the basic software enables you to draw straightforward designs for masks such as roundels, crosses, stars etc as well as letters, but the real game changer is the Designer software which is an add-on package, not expensive, but so worthwhile. With this package you can import photographs for instance and trace around shapes, this opens up so many other possibilities. Yes, there is a whole library of designs that I’ve never used because they are intended for people who make cards, for scrap-bookers etc. but the tools (draw, copy, paste, orientate, scale, delete,
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