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  1. James, good question but you may be more likely to get an answer on somewhere like Britmodeller.
  2. The standard blade supplied with the machine is adequate for the vast majority of jobs. I bought the heavier duty blade for cutting thicker plastic but I haven't really tried it out properly yet.
  3. Good to see you here Albert, you won't regret going down the Cameo route, it's the best modelling decision I ever made, and for more reasons other than just markings.
  4. Good to see you here Flip. If you have anything specific to ask, feel free to do so. Can't guarantee an answer but I'll do my best!
  5. Jerry, you have one, or more settings wrong if the cut is through to the mat. Firstly check your blade depth, it really shouldn’t need to be more than 3 for vinyl. When you press the Send button, check the force of cut, typically 4 is ok, and one pass only. Hope this helps. Max
  6. Hello Lee, glad to see you’re interested in the masking “thing”, it’s the way to go! There are a few basic tutorials here already but if you need further or specific advice just ask away. Max
  7. What fun, and a great idea for getting in some practice Denzil! Max
  8. Good to see you here Mark! I agree with Kev, the Silhouette seems to be the market leader, so you are more likely to find advice and tips/tutorials for it than perhaps machines such as the Cricut.
  9. I was pleasantly surprised too Kev, I expected the foil to be chewed up, but it even managed to cut the 1mm circles quite effectively. I can't recall the exact settings so I'll have to do a reprise! 😃
  10. I did a little experiment a couple of weeks ago with my Echelon Lightning, I wanted to make a bit more variation in finish etc so decided to feature the "elephant ear" panels just aft of the cockpit. I traced the outline from the model onto thin paper, scanned this and uploaded into Silhouette then cut the panels out using Bare Metal Foil, which is extremely thin! It took a few attempts to get the shape and settings right, but it worked very successfully. I'm really excited about this because with models such as the beautiful Hawker Fury, Hart, Demon etc to build the technique opens up a wh
  11. Good luck Denzil, have fun and give us some feedback.
  12. Hello Gary, good to see you here! Max
  13. I’m not that tech-savvy to be able to do all that Kev, I’ll stick to the manual method! Max
  14. Good on you Kev! Must admit I've never used the trace-function, preferring to "do my own" thing. I've read reports that were less than impressed with trace-function results but yours seems to have turned out very well. Max
  15. Thank you, that all makes perfect sense! 👍
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