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  1. Now, I know the Beaufighter is a classic but just imagine for one moment if BOAC decided to use this amazing aircraft on it's wartime passenger runs instead of the Mosquito? It might look something like this: All the lettering is done with masks cut on the Silhouette, apart from the BOAC stuff on the tail which was just too small in this scale (Tamiya 1/48 kit) which was printed as a decal...crap too it is...never mind, I't all a learning curve. Internally I made a new floor, with 3 passenger seats as well a
  2. Nice work and a good step-by-step explanation of the process. Cheers Mozart!
  3. As I'm new to this site I'm just trawling through all the pages, seeing what you lot have been up to and found this lurking at the bottome of the page! Nice transformation Kevin. Fine effort!. 👍
  4. This is my second attempt at using the Silhouette Portrait 3 for paint masks. A little more involved this time and I have to say it seems like a pretty good result for the markings. ALL of which were sprayed on, so no pesky decalling to fight with. I've uploaded the Silhouette image into the downloads section if anyone wants to try them out in the future. They are a straight replacement for the Tamiya decals, with a few tweaks to get a more accurate set of markings. (eg. Size of the upper wing crosses and style of the tail numbers)
  5. The idea behind this was to create something for the Spruce goose. What if Howard Hughes had finally got his beloved "Hercules" into service, maybe in time for Korea? Why not? https://u.cubeupload.com/SAEvans/HK13.jpg This was my very first use of the Silhouette 3 for creating a full set of markings. So basically I needed something fairly simple, not too intricate for me to get to grips with using the programme and the machine. I practised on a number of types of vynil and transfer tapes...lessons learned for future pr
  6. Thank you Gentlemen. And yeah, Sorry Kevin, I know you invited me ages ago but I forgot all about it.
  7. View File 1/48 Heinkel He 219A-7 Tamiya replacement masks. This is a simple replacement for the "TH" option in the Tamiya 1/48 kit. I'm about to use this mask on a live project...let's hope it all works out OK? 😄 Submitter Steve Evans Submitted 01/26/2021 Category Specific Aircraft  
  8. Version 2


    This is a simple replacement for the "TH" option in the Tamiya 1/48 kit. I'm about to use this mask on a live project...let's hope it all works out OK? 😄
  9. Hi there you lot. Kevin invited me here some time ago and it has taken until now to get of my lazy backside and do something about it. Glad to be here with some obviously very talented people. I've only had my Silouhette Portrait 3 since December last year, so still learning but hopefully I'll be spraying more than decalling soon. Take care and stay safe everyone. Cheers. Steve 🇬🇧
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