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  1. Welcome aboard, Brian! I think you could well be our first RC guy, which will definitely be a fresh perspective for us. Kev
  2. I think Max is our resident Cameo 4 expert, though IIRC he only as the Cameo 2 model. I'm still getting to grips with Silhouette Studio myself, but haven't found the need to upgrade yet. Wish I had time to explore it further! Kev
  3. Software updates are monthly these days, so after each one, I'll make a quick test post to ensure everything seems OK. This is one of those. Kev
  4. Welcome aboard, Adam! Good luck with your mask cutting adventures! All questions welcomed. Kev
  5. Thanks for posting these, Iain! Kev
  6. Excellent! Whenever there's a software update, I have to remember to clear the system caches, or no one can post! Kev
  7. Another software update, and another test to make sure everything still works! Kev
  8. I've just now got around to watching this video myself, and it's excellent. Thanks for posting it! Kev
  9. Thanks, Mike. We'll see how the next year goes... Kev
  10. Thanks for your input, fellas. Truth is, if I could minimise the personal financial cost, I’d be happy to simply let the site exist in perpetuity, busy or not. But when I first launched Scale Model Paint Masks, I had a day job, and could absorb the expense. That’s no longer the case. Apart from the SSL certificate, which I’ll renew shortly, the site is paid up for another year, so it will survive at least that long, and hopefully I can make the site viable in that time. The first thing I need to change is to lead from the front and become more active here myself! Kev
  11. It seems you may be right, Max. Kev
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