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  1. I haven't bothered with the upgrade yet, but I'm hardly an advanced or experienced user at this stage. Maybe one day I will, but in my limited use so far, I haven't needed to. Kev
  2. Welcome aboard, Pascal! Kev
  3. That is superb, Steve! Thanks for posting it. Kev
  4. Welcome aboard, Bax! Kev
  5. Yeah, it seems a very strange business decision, and reminds me a lot of the Photobucket debacle. Kev
  6. Just picked up this news from Facebook, which pointed to a news article on The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/15/22332212/cricut-crafting-machine-design-space-upload-limit I'm not a Cricut user, so I don't fully appreciate the context of this news, but would love to hear from any of our members who are, and can discuss it in more detail. Sounds like bad news, though. Kev
  7. Hi everyone, I've just done a quick spring-clean of the General Discussion area, as I realised that there were a few posts here that really belonged elsewhere in the forums. To that end, I've moved a few out of here to the areas they more appropriately belong. If possible, I'd like to reserve the General Discussion area for off-topic posts and threads, that don't otherwise relate to the core business of the site. And on that note, if you feel you'd like to make a post relating to scale model paint masks, but can't see anywhere else but General Discussion to put it, let
  8. Are you able to upload the cut files here, Bill? (Over in the Downloads section, I mean.) Kev
  9. Welcome aboard, Jamme! Kev
  10. Welcome aboard, Bill! Glad you could join us. Kev
  11. Welcome aboard, John! Kev
  12. Thanks for posting this, Alex! I've just moved it here to the Tutorials section, where it more appropriately belongs. Excellent work! Kev
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