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  1. Phil, just to expand on Max's answer, the Silhouette Studio software that comes with the cutters works perfectly well on a Mac, so you'll have no worries. As Max says, it's also perfectly capable of meeting most of your basic needs, and you may never need to use a different application. Kev
  2. Welcome aboard, Iain! New Christmas present, eh? Kev
  3. And American too, probably. It's the same software, it's just that the paid version enables more features. Some of those features now seem to be available in the free version however (importing and auto-tracing images, for example), so I haven't felt the need to upgrade so far in my admittedly limited usage. Kev
  4. I just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope that you are all safe and well. Kev
  5. Welcome aboard, Brady! I use a built-in preset in the Silhouette Studio software called "Vinyl, Silhouette Oracal 651": Even though the name of the material in the preset is different to what we're using, I've found that it still works perfectly. Kev
  6. Ha! So many uses for this so-useful device. Kev
  7. Apparently it used to be an upgrade feature, but it's definitely there in my bundled free version. Kev
  8. I've found that if I import the images as PNG files instead of JPEGs, I get a much better result with auto-trace. I use Photoshop to convert, if required. Kev
  9. Sounds like you're making some good progress. It also sounds like it's quite a tricky operation! Kev
  10. That's a tricky one, and I'd love to hear more about it myself! Kev
  11. Welcome aboard, Peter! Good to see a lot of LSP members here. Kev
  12. Yeah, that's terrific! Kev
  13. Looks great! I fixed the image links for you. Kev
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