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  1. Just as a final wrap-up to this thread, the model "went home" yesterday, and now resides in the Fowlmere Airfields Museum. Many thanks to Mark and the team for giving my efforts some display room. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/90601-p-51d-5na-339th-fg-finished/&do=findComment&comment=1420654
  2. Hi Benoit, welcome aboard.
  3. I'm old and retired too, however my brain tells me I'm still 25. My body, on the other hand, says "You wish!!" Welcome aboard.
  4. It is that. Mine does everything I needed it to.
  5. Howdy, welcome aboard. As Max says, you need a machine, although before I got mine I tried a couple of commercial masks, plus one done for me by a pal in my IPMS branch, to make sure I was comfortable with the process.
  6. Hello Plinio. Welcome, enjoy the freedom of not being tied to available decals.
  7. I can't really add anything to what Kev and Max have said, except to say that some ICM kits have templates for canopy masks in the instructions. Thus it's a pretty simple job to scan and import into studio. And welcome aboard.
  8. Hi, and welcome. I spent 9 years at the other end of Hampshire to you, in Gosport.
  9. Hi and I look forward to seeing your P-39, I have a soft spot for that strange bird.
  10. Hello Guy, good to see another LSP-er here.
  11. Thanks Max, downloaded. You never know, I may do an early example.
  12. Thanks Max, downloaded. Are you contemplating adding an early windscreen at some stage? Curiosity only, I've not identified a subject for mine yet, and it's unlikely to have a sloping screen.
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