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  1. Thanks, Max. I had a lot of fun with this one, and the combination of 3D printing and custom paint masks takes the modeller one step closer to being fully self-sufficient. Kev
  2. Interesting idea, Guy. At the moment we don't really have such a place in a dedicated sense, as I always assumed members would make such requests in the applicable sub-forum that relates to their request. But a dedicated section would make things clearer, so I'll give it some thought! Kev
  3. This was supposed to be a quick little side project to give me an excuse to print something on my Elegoo Saturn 3D printer, but like most of my projects, dragged on and got more complicated. I decided to try to recreate the metallic effects and overall weathering as close to what we see on screen as possible, and late in the piece, I decided it needed a base for stability purposes. The lettering on the base was cut iwth my Silhoutte Portrait and applied over a white base, and SMS Jet Black applied over the top. Took me 3 goes to get this right! So what was supposed to take a few days has ended up taking a few months, but here it is. Thanks for looking! Now I need to get back to one of my many unfinished aircraft projects! Kev
  4. Welcome aboard, Guy! Great to have you here. Kev
  5. Welcome aboard, Brian! I think you could well be our first RC guy, which will definitely be a fresh perspective for us. Kev
  6. I think Max is our resident Cameo 4 expert, though IIRC he only as the Cameo 2 model. I'm still getting to grips with Silhouette Studio myself, but haven't found the need to upgrade yet. Wish I had time to explore it further! Kev
  7. Software updates are monthly these days, so after each one, I'll make a quick test post to ensure everything seems OK. This is one of those. Kev
  8. Welcome aboard, Adam! Good luck with your mask cutting adventures! All questions welcomed. Kev
  9. Thanks for posting these, Iain! Kev
  10. Excellent! Whenever there's a software update, I have to remember to clear the system caches, or no one can post! Kev
  11. Another software update, and another test to make sure everything still works! Kev
  12. I've just now got around to watching this video myself, and it's excellent. Thanks for posting it! Kev
  13. Thanks, Mike. We'll see how the next year goes... Kev
  14. Thanks for your input, fellas. Truth is, if I could minimise the personal financial cost, I’d be happy to simply let the site exist in perpetuity, busy or not. But when I first launched Scale Model Paint Masks, I had a day job, and could absorb the expense. That’s no longer the case. Apart from the SSL certificate, which I’ll renew shortly, the site is paid up for another year, so it will survive at least that long, and hopefully I can make the site viable in that time. The first thing I need to change is to lead from the front and become more active here myself! Kev
  15. It seems you may be right, Max. Kev
  16. Having just shelled out several hundred dollars in annual costs to keep Scale Model Paint Masks running, I've come to realise that it's not financially tenable for me to continue to do so. Without sponsorship or benefaction, I'm humbly going to have to ask for your collective assistance in defraying the running costs of the site. To that end, I've set up a new PayPal Donate button (below), with which you can donate any amount of your choosing, from a single dollar upwards. Any amount will help! If the button doesn't work for you, try the link below: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=4F8UANDQKKFR4 I thank in advance those of you who are able to donate, and hope to find a better solution to covering our operating costs as we move forward. Kev
  17. Welcome aboard, Mark! Lovely work on that An-2. Whose kit is it? Kev
  18. Just ran another software update for the forums, and testing that posting is working normally. Kev
  19. The Silhouette format is perfectly OK, as it represents what the majority of us use anyway, but a more universal format is always preferable by definition. So, upload away! Kev
  20. I bought my Oramask in a large roll, and it definitely needs to be cut up for the Portrait 2 that I have. I'm not familiar enough with the Cameo to answer your question definitively, however, but I suspect the roll I have would be too large for that, too. Kev
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