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  2. Another software update, and another test to make sure everything still works! Kev
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  4. snigel79, If you can hack Fusion 360, you should certainly be able to work your way through Studio!!! Fusion is harder on people (like me) coming from more intuitive Windows based programs, than it is for folks (like you) going the other direction. Most everything in Fusion has it's own way of having to do simple things like moving bodies or sketches. SO I can appreciate your frustrations coming from the unique Fusion environment. However, I don't think anyone can give you the personalized hand holding that you seem to be looking for. Just takes grinding in front of the computer with Studio and YouTube (which has some excellent starter videos, in my opinion). And you clearly have a terrific command of English, so there's lots available to read ... but there is no Fairy Godmother with a Studio wand to tap you on the head. As for your not being able to easily see what you are drawing, go over to the Line Style Panel on the right of the screen (fourth from the top) where you can pick the color and thickness of your lines (that thickness does not effect the cut). Learn how to do that and later when you start cutting, you can select different actions by color - in the example below, cut the blue lines only though the vinyl, cut the green lines all the way through the carrier backing material, and sketch the red and black lines. As was pointed out by Mozart, I also recommend highly that you invest in the Designer edition, if for no other reason than you can then open/drag in vector art (like vector PDF, SVG and others), and Designer will instantly generate cut lines without the need to trace either manually or with the Trace Panel. I think you'll eventually find that drawing in Studio easier than Fusion since there's no struggling with constraints, for example. Of course, there's nothing that matches the precision of CAD. Hope you stay with it! Gene K EDIT: I just realized that you originally posted over a year ago, so all above is probably passé for you now ... right?
  5. I've just now got around to watching this video myself, and it's excellent. Thanks for posting it! Kev
  6. A timeless "tutorial". Thanks. Gene K
  7. That was a nice journey for me -- thanks, Mike. Gene K
  8. Nice tips, Woody - thanks. As an aside, I've used the Silhouette Studio Print And Cut feature - print on decal paper, then use the cutter to cut the decals. Many tutorials on YouTube for both Silhouette as well as Cricut. If the cuttter is properly tuned/aligned, the film cuts can be made very close to the decals images. Gene K
  9. I use Oramask 810* (note NOT Oracal, the company). Like denders, I get mine here where you can get it in individual pieces and/or rolls. If you buy a roll. yes, you can load it into the Cameo 4's built in adjustable-width holder. Not sure why you'd want to do that since the masks most of us use in modelling wouldn't be large enough to require a roll. Much easier, as danders suggested, to cut a piece off a roll and mount it on a cutting mat. I use two cut settings: one to only cut the patterns through the vinyl; and the other to cut an outline around the masks all the way through the backing. That process gives me an easy to handle piece, for example, to use with transfer tape. The Oramask price, I think, is reasonable, but haven't compared it to other masking material - works for me. Gene K *Oramask comes in versions - 810 is the most flexible, whereas 811 and 813 are better for flat surfaces.
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  11. Hi guy, im new to cutting mask, i just got a cricut machine and i would like to make simple Korean Natural metal Mig-15 marking. Does anyone have a file already maklde or a picture of the kit marking so i can make my own? Cheers
  12. Hoops, Do you have a handy reference for the placement of the plates? Thanks, Gene K
  13. How did it go with correcting the A and E, Greg?
  14. Thanks - nice job tracing the Academy sheet. 👍 I changed the colors of your bounding boxes to green so that I could cut that color through my mask material (Oramask 810). Will make it easier to handle the smaller individual masks. Gene K
  15. Thanks hoops. I cut some masks this morning and the fit was spot on! Next week I'll use those as a base for some Has TF-104 masks. Have you made any masks for the Revell F-104? Gene K
  16. Hi there, welcome aboard.
  17. Hi members, Thanks for allowing me to join in. I've been interested in making masks for markings mostly. A recent project I been looking at has peeked my interest in giving this a try. I have a Brother Scan n cut 2 that's been sitting in the box and I would like to give it a try. The project I'm thinking about is markings for the 1/32 Hobbyboss F-84E. I have a set of Aeromaster 1/48 decals that would look great if I can get it to work out. I am thinking I will need to scan in the decals and go from there. Work commitments will limit my progress for sure, but I will check in when I can. 🍻
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, From the Academy decal sheet.
  19. View File F4J - VF84 - 1/48 Hi, From the Academy decal sheet. Submitter airte974 Submitted 07/23/2022 Category Specific Aircraft  
  20. Thanks, Mike. We'll see how the next year goes... Kev
  21. I think that given your KLP Publishing activities and work on LSP, you're doing as much as you reasonably can on here, and we thank you for it.
  22. Thanks for your input, fellas. Truth is, if I could minimise the personal financial cost, I’d be happy to simply let the site exist in perpetuity, busy or not. But when I first launched Scale Model Paint Masks, I had a day job, and could absorb the expense. That’s no longer the case. Apart from the SSL certificate, which I’ll renew shortly, the site is paid up for another year, so it will survive at least that long, and hopefully I can make the site viable in that time. The first thing I need to change is to lead from the front and become more active here myself! Kev
  23. I have to say that pretty much sums up my thoughts too. It would be a shame if the site were to go, but we can't expect Kev to carry on paying out of his own pocket, and are there enough members willing and able to donate to be viable? A hard question, perhaps. I would like to say thank you, Kev, for your work to date in setting up and running this site.
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