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  2. I download it i was mean the wings sorry 😬😬😬
  3. Thanks guys! 😀 Hope can contribute soon. Read you!
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  5. I’ve had my Silhouette since 2014, I needed the “professional” upgrade to get features which it now appears are standard on new models. I don’t know what the SW upgrade comprises so I’m sorry but I can’t comment. Max
  6. I haven't bothered with the upgrade yet, but I'm hardly an advanced or experienced user at this stage. Maybe one day I will, but in my limited use so far, I haven't needed to. Kev
  7. Thanks Max and Kev. Will be starting with a brand new Portrait 3, now thinking of the SW upgrade being worth or not. What would be your recommendation? So far, just basic use...first try being a 1/72 A-20G in Russian torpedo bomber scheme. Thanks!
  8. I see a Mk. IX build in my future, and these will definitely help! Cheers, Tom
  9. You're making the right decision getting a mask-cutting machine, glad to see you here. Max
  10. Hello everyone! Writing from Czech Republic. I'm a plane modeller for a long time who is now starting to get interested on doing masks for my own use. Will be getting a Portrait machine soon and I found this great forum. Hoping I can learn from you, and contribute to the general knowledge as much as I can. Cheers,
  11. Good to see you here Pascal. Hopefully some of the tutorials here will help you get started with your Silhouette but ask if you have any problems. No guarantees for answers but we’ll do our best!
  12. Welcome aboard, Pascal! Kev
  13. Thank you for accepting me. My name is Pascal, I live in Houthalen (near Hasselt). I bought a Silhouette a few years ago, but haven't figured out how to get the thing to work. The last few years I've been busy modifying and detailing 1/18 scale cars, mostly Porsches and Ferraris. I've started my first 1/32 scale aircraft builds, - P-51B, F-15A and F-15B - but they have been put on hold because the decals are not or no longer available. Want to finish the P-51 in the red Paul Mantz livery, both F-15's in a NASA livery. Sincerely
  14. Like that very much Steve, especially the finish you’ve achieved. Brilliant! Max
  15. That is superb, Steve! Thanks for posting it. Kev
  16. Now, I know the Beaufighter is a classic but just imagine for one moment if BOAC decided to use this amazing aircraft on it's wartime passenger runs instead of the Mosquito? It might look something like this: All the lettering is done with masks cut on the Silhouette, apart from the BOAC stuff on the tail which was just too small in this scale (Tamiya 1/48 kit) which was printed as a decal...crap too it is...never mind, I't all a learning curve. Internally I made a new floor, with 3 passenger seats as well a
  17. Nice work and a good step-by-step explanation of the process. Cheers Mozart!
  18. You’re welcome Tom, hope the masks are of use.
  19. Max, Thank you so much for posting this! The camo outlines are great, and the insignia is a great addition! Cheers, Tom
  20. Final stages, whole roundels put back in place then red centre removed, replaced and blue outer done: The transfer piece here is sold for Cricut machines - low tack, completely clear (which is a distinct advantage) and with the grid on it which helps: and before very long at all:
  21. Well done Bax, welcome to the merry band!
  22. Welcome aboard, Bax! Kev
  23. Hello, I'm Bax, from Ontario. I will be purchasing a Cameo 4 within a month or so. I primarily build plastic model military airplanes (WWII to about gen 4 jets) but am beginning to airbrush more generally as well. I'm mostly interested in masks for lettering, insignias and especially canopies - particularly those for Tamiya 1/72 and 1/48 scale models. While I have none of my own yet, I do intend on sharing everything I create myself or acquire from elsewhere, copyright permitting. Thanks to everyone in advance for all that they have already provided in the downloads section of
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