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Oh boy, I think I'm in way over my head...or I need a better set of instructions (or both).


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Working with a Cameo 4 and I managed to get a set of masks cut (using Oramask 810).  I had to guess at the material I was cutting and chose Vinyl-Matte... It seemed to work well.  There's so many questions I have about doing artwork for cutting.  I use Adobe Illustrator but I have not yet invested in the upgraded Silouette software (that's about to change though).  Are there instructions on how to design artwork, how to set up the roll feed, and why the damn machine always throws out way more material out the back than I need (using the rear cutter)?  I had to rewind the roll and cut only what I needed from said  roll with a pair of scissors...not the neatest cut by far so the next load will have to be a little wasteful.


I have read the instruction manual but it seems to be lacking the information I'm looking for.  That or I just don't know what I need or can't find what I want.  Any help would be appreciated!



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I have a Cameo 4. I cut the necessary size piece of material and stick it to the cutting mat. I don't use the roll feed. Over time, the stickiness of the mat will reduce.


I use a Blade Depth of 2, Force 6, Speed 5. That should work for 810.




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