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  1. Hahaha...you may be right that one must be American. I can't speak to the internationality of that commercial but I'm thinking it was domestic US only. Thanks for the tip on the newest additions to the included version of the software. I'll wait to see what the latest version has with it before committing to purchase the upgrade.
  2. Mainly because I haven't opened it yet. I just added the title for those of us who remember the old commercial about the lady washing her hair and couldn't do a thing with it.... I guess you gotta be a boomer to remember that commercial. Anyway, the box is sitting on a chair next to me and I'm almost ready to crack it open and have a look at what's in the box. From reading, I guess it's best to invest in the design software from Silouette rather than just the stock software as it gives you better/more options?
  3. Looking to get started in mask making and am a total novice. I'll be looking at the Silouette line of cutters but not sure what I need or what I might need in the future as my skill and experience grows. I see a lot of us from LSP on here and any advice is appreciated.
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