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  1. Does anyone have any 'words of wisdom' about creating canopy masks? I do have AutoCAD to use and calipers.
  2. Sounds like you're probably looking at some of the same silhouette groups on FB that I am. I was wondering the same thing. Since I couldn't find a replacement auto blade for my Cameo 4, I did purchase what they're all calling a ratchet blade as a backup. It is manually adjusted for depth.
  3. I've been using water based paint for the majority of what I'm working on. I've not actually gotten to paint anything yet with the mask. I cut the ID letters for the tail of a 1/48 "Dave" and placed them on the aircraft but I've not had time to actually paint. I had gotten some 813 last summer just to see what the material is like. I've also bought some 810 and some Artool UltraMask since I got my Cameo 4. To me, the 810 and the Ultramask just 'feel' better to the touch. And I don't see any reason not to use them with water based paint. I don't know why 813 is for water based paint and 810 for solvent based paint except that perhaps the adhesive used on the 810 stands up to it better. When I get a chance I'll have to try an experiment with solvent and a piece of 813.
  4. Okay, I seem to have figured out something about the bluetooth connection after contacting Silhouette Support. Evidently the Cameo 4 senses that a USB cable is plugged into the cutter (even if the other end is not connected to a computer) and the bluetooth doesn't work. I received an email from a support person who suggested a number of things and also pointed to a website that works through finding out exactly which version of bluetooth is actually on the computer. While reading through that gent's email I was thinking that I've already done all the scenarios but I'd work through them again, just for the sake of doing it. Originally I had the USB cable with an extension draped across the floor and when I did my testing, I just disconnected the USB at the computer. Since then I added a second USB extension cable and have it plugged into the back of the computer (disktop). Tonight when I ran through setup again I disconnected the USB cable at the Cameo 4 and low and behold it connected. I've retested a couple time this evening and it has reconnected to the Cameo. It seems to be a little slow on connecting but it does connect. It evidently can only be connected to one computer at a time too. So, info for someone else in the future. And while I was sending an email back to someone who may read it, I suggested that they update the FAQs on the website. Annnnnnd while I was at it, I made a feature request that the software have a way to weld the endpoints of lines, arcs, etc. Dave
  5. I found the same thing. Only 813 on Amazon but I ordered some 810 from craftcuttersupply and some Ultramask from coastairbrush. I hadn't seem the recommendations about difference in paint usage. I do sort of 'feel' like 810 and Ultramask are better just from cutting and 'feel'.
  6. I've been a long time off and on modeler when family, time, and situations allowed. We retired, moved from PA to TN (grand kids) and trying to find a lot of time to model both in plastic and electronic. http://www.military-meshes.com/forum/showthread.php?7529-Lockheed-(Vega)-PV-1-Ventura&p=88257#post88257 I have a Cameo 4 (early Christmas present) that I'm in the process of figuring out. The first masks that I've created are ID letters on the tail of a 1/48 "Dave". The next step is to actually use them. 😅😅 Dave
  7. Rather unfortunate that there isn't a way to weld the endpoints together. I've been learning this. Dave
  8. To answer my question about Artool Hobby Mask, it is adhesive backed clear material only, there is not carrier to be able to use it in a cutter. (I purchased some.) It is probably just fine for masking canopies.
  9. I see Coast Airbrush has Artool Hobby Mask too. Anyone ever try that?
  10. Thanks, Mozart. I suspected that you probably have a Cameo 3 but I didn't know if you perhaps had the bluetooth adapter. The "4" comes with bluetooth built in, Windows sees the "4" but their software doesn't see the "4". I've found a number of others online who evidently have the same problem. It just would be convenient if it worked. I'll just have to drape the USB cable across the floor when I want to cut. Their software sees it just fine with the cable. Even with an extender, I'll have to see how it prints with the extender. Sounds like I should have a spare cutting mat and probably a couple spare blades, just in case too.
  11. I've gotten a Cameo 4 (Early Christmas Present). 1. Anyone using a bluetooth connection? Working? 2. Anyone using the roll stock holder? I picked up a 10' roll of Oramask 813 last summer to see what it is. 3. Or, do you just cut a sufficiently sized piece and attach it to the cutting mat? Thanks Dave
  12. It looks like coastairbrush.com carries Ultra Mask. I've only purchased one time from them, airbrush part, but had no problems. Dave
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