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  1. Sorry about the angry tone of my post. I was very frustrated with the software. Some times when I tried to import an image to use as a background to draw over the images ended up outside of the work surface, being unmoveable and I could not select it so I could "send it to background". The procedure for doing the same thing in Fusion 360 seemed much simpler and I could tell the software that the image was in no way part of the design, just a template to get started. The people writing the manuals for the Silhouette studio software should have started describing the "Help" menue
  2. Can someone who have successfully used silhouette studios software to make masks please supply us with a step by step guide as to how to even draw a simple line, import a scan of a decal sheet to use as background, maybe even use the trace feature etc that do not SKIP 90% of the steps involved. I see a lot of tutorials that do not even get anywhere near explaining what button to push, what mouseclick does what. "You just do this and that, I am too lazy to explain the 4000 houres of cursing, blood-curdling frustration and screaming at the screen, or I just enjoy knowing that someone else i
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