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1:32 Meteor F4 Now Finished


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I uploaded a file of Meteor roundels and walkways a little while ago. 

And here's the Meteor with the roundels painted - apologies for the "quick'n'dirty" photo.   With hindsight, I would have traced and done the fin flash with the Silhouette as well; as it was, I used Tamiya tape and it was probably a lot more work.




One more colour to do, ie black for the unit codes, serials and walkways.  I'm doing VT112/XL-S of 226 OCU, a fighter training unit based at RAF Bentwaters in the immediate post-war years.  (As an aside, they also operated a few Tempest IIs, and my SH example is earmarked for XL-Y.)


Thanks for looking.



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When you use decals, you can see the model gradually, slowly evolving - hopefully into what you'd envisaged - as you work.  The gratifying thing about using the masks is that it's a bit quicker: you add lots of masking and do a bit of painting, and nothing seems to happen




Then suddenly, seemingly in an instant, the masks come off, et voila!




OK, the walkway lines are a little uneven in width, but I can live with that.  What I can't live with (although I did seriously consider it) is that the starboard "S" is noticeably above where it should be.  I've no idea how that happened, I blame the bench gremlins.  Now I'm particularly glad I included a spare on the mask sheet.  So not 10 minutes after the big reveal, it was out with a fine sanding stick, off with the "S", and a quick touch-up of the silver; the new S goes on next session when the touch-up's cured.



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11 hours ago, Kevin Futter said:


I'll definitely go ahead with it, I just need to find the time to set it up! Hopefully this week.



Excellent Kev; I'm into the painting and masking stage of my Hawker Fury, I've been keeping a record of progress so will post it there when you've set things up.

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On 8/18/2021 at 4:53 PM, MikeC said:

I'm doing VT112/XL-S of 226 OCU, a fighter training unit based at RAF Bentwaters in the immediate post-war years. 


Just as a quick update on this model, it's now left my collection, and has a new home in the Bentwaters Cold War Museum.  This is a small but excellent museum, run by what is clearly an enthusiastic and committed bunch of volunteers, who include a number of modellers who are also part of the local IPMS branch.  Thoroughly recommended if you're ever in that part of England.

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