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Cameo 4plus vs 5

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Should I get a Cameo 5 or a cheaper Cameo 4 plus?

I’d prefer the smaller footprint of the 5.


I’d like to use it for masks for 1/32 RAF and Luftwaffe insignia, serial numbers, mascots and stencils such as the no step lines and some of the Luftwaffe fluids stencils.

I'm not sure what the improved accuracy of the 5 means practically.

What level of software purchase is optimal?

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Indeed, what is it? 

Newer and bigger isn’t necessarily better in my opinion. My Cameo 3 is 10 years old, I bought the “Studio” (can’t recall its exact name) software for it to give more options and it still does all that I need for my models. The limitation is how small and precisely stencils can be cut, not how “whizzy” the software is. 

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They claim a resolution of 0.1mm.

unfortunately it’s not common to find a review for tiny lettering.

I got excited about the GCC AR24 it produced incredibly accurate tiny lettering until I saw the price 


Of all places spotlight brought it to my attention 😆

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6 hours ago, Kevin Futter said:

...  so it will be interesting to see some reviews and comparisons with the more well-known brands and models.


Here's a good discussion, for starters. From reading and watching other reviews, I get that the Siser is "more precise" (not really defined), less automated, and more expensive. Silhouette is more established, but company support is abysmal (in my experience) ... have not read anything yet about Siser in that regard.


I'm with Mozart in that the Silhouette line does what I want/need for modeling. In that regard, I like the evolving Studio software, and the Portrait 4 is a step up from previous models. I've had Cameos up to the Cameo 4 (and have a Curio), but the bottom of the line Portrait 4 suits me perfectly. As to the added "precision" of the Siser, it would likely be of no benefit to me since  masking REALLY fine details as numbers and letters is so challenging, especially with all those tiny floating "innards". Decals work a treat here.


Looking forward to your decision Craig ... and to your cutting experience. 


Gene K



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thanks for the link.  There is a lot of positive feedback there. Agree the software is definitely better. I would use to create the cutting file irrespective of which machine I have purchased. 

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