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  1. It's possible to create so small mask for 1/72 scale with cutter?
  2. transform panel i think have more options from the simple bar on top btw why you dont update your sihouette software?
  3. This a tutorial how to rescale your items its the way i do it i hope it helps: feel free to corect it i am not a pro 🙂 Https://www.scalemodel.gr/scale.pdf
  4. Giorgos

    Scale questions

    Maybe I do something wrong I am trying to figure out.
  5. Giorgos

    Scale questions

    All ways do that otherwise I have too much oramask in trush 👍👍👍
  6. Giorgos

    Scale questions

    Thanks for reply Mozart Just an example I take a photo from su 27 digital camo I trace the lines with the software but when I try to cut them to the size that I want they don't get right all the time it will be smaller or bigger I have to make 30 tests to get it right it there an eazy way to do something like that?
  7. Giorgos

    Scale questions

    Hello to all does any can help with scale howto I resize the image to actually size that I want for cut I try scale tool inside from silhouette studio but I didn't get the right results any help will great Thanks a lot and greetings from Greece.
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