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  1. Hello What do you use as a transfer film, there are plenty on Amazon but I don't know which one to choose that works well with Oramask? Michel
  2. I use a Silhouette Portrait 2
  3. Hello, Here is my latest model. The second one since my recovery after 18 years of abstinence. It is the Fw 190 A8 of Josef Priller of the JG 26. Some particularities for a FW 190 A8: - No outer wing guns and no matching bumps. This is the first series of A8s lightened of the outer 20 mm guns. Later the A8 received the "universal" wing with bumps to accommodate the Mk 108. - The propeller, new on the pictures, has external balancing weights. The model is the Tamiya Fw 190 F8 that was lying in my huge stock. The interior features the Eduard photo etched for this model and the propeller, with external weights, comes from Ultracast. Paint: RLM 76 Aeromaster, RLM 75 and RLM 74 AK Real Color. Oil finish Abteilung 502. Satin varnish VMS. Crosses, delimitations of the walking areas and part of the markings to the Silhouette. First the real one : And My model
  4. Hello Here is a page (in french sorry) who describe the settings for different materials https://www.bistouille.fr/silhouette-portrait-cameo-reglages-coupe/
  5. I bought a Silhouette recently. So I'm a beginner 😀
  6. My name is Michel. I'm from France and I'm a WWII aircraft modeler in 1/48 or 1/32 scale.
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