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how to make masks from decals?


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Hello to you all

im tryng to make my own masks from decals.

I have a sheet in 1/48 but i whant to enlarge it to 1/32

Do i just scan the origenal sheet enlarge 150 and go?


But i have problems to get the outlining good

I use the free software.

Or is it beter to upgrade the software?

Any sugestions are welcome



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I’ve scanned decals in the past Mark, then loaded the scanned image onto the Silhouette drawing screen, scaled it to the correct size for 1/32 scale then traced the image. My Cameo 2 only had the free software when I bought it 8 or so years ago so I bought the Designer package which extends the capabilities of the Silhouette immensely, so if you haven’t got that on your machine I highly recommend it. Elsewhere on the this, under Tutorials I think, is a detailed guide of how I go about doing what you’ve after.


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I've done a couple of decal-to-mask scans, and I've used Inkscape (free) to do all of the scaling, grouping, line correction, dust removal, and cleanup. Inkscape will do a lot, but it isn't the easiest software to learn. You will waste some vinyl learning how to use it but it can give good results.


I have access to a Cricut instead of a Silhouette, and I do not like the software included for any editing.



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