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Server Migration!

Kevin Futter

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Hi everyone,


I'm in the process of migrating Scale Model Paint Masks to a new server. This will necessitate a little bit of downtime, which I hope to keep to a minimum. I'll switch the forums to maintenance mode on the old server when I'm ready to switch, and enable them on the new server. If you're still seeing the forums as being offline, then you'll know you're still connecting to the old server, not the new one. Once the new DNS settings have propagated, you should be fine - though this might require you to restart your browser, and possibly even clear your caches.


I won't post any more updates here about this, as it'll be kind of pointless, so keep an eye on the KLP Facebook page for further news. I'll also post an update here once the transfer is complete.


See you on the other side!



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OK folks, as far as I can tell, we're live on the new server now. I managed to get the two confused and make this post on the old one, so my guess is that some of you may have seen an earlier version of this update post, and then watched it disappear later. DNS propagation can be a bit of a nightmare when you're moving a site, and there's really no easy way to tell which version you're looking at, unless you switch the old one off completely.


Anyway, chime in if you're seeing this!



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