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Tutorial for creating masks for W.Nr and other numbers and letters.


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Hello, fellas !

Here's how I create masks with my Silhouette Cameo for my example of W.Nr for 1/32 German aircraft.
Of course, it also works for letters.
I noticed that the masks featuring numbers with an inner recess (0, 4, 6, 8 and 9) were torn.

The cause was that the Cameo's blade passed too close (the numbers are really very small) to both the outer contour and to cut the recesses. 
To solve this problem, here's what I do:


1-I select the "text" function in the left-hand column and on the right I choose the font and also the size of the text so that it's as large as possible while still fitting entirely within the Studio window :





2-I duplicate my text and position it below :





3-Use the "eraser" tool to remove all inner recesses from the top text :





4-And on the bottom text, I do the opposite and remove all the text outlines, leaving only the recesses :





5-I select the set, group it together and then cut it to the right size for my model :





6-For my FW 190 the W.Nr will have a size of 10.18mm :





7-I cut out the assembly, place the main mask on my model, carefully detach the 3 recesses and place them gently and precisely in position, apply a light coat of black paint with the airbrush and you're done :






That's all folks! For today that is.


I hope this little tutorial has been of interest to you.
See you soon for new adventures with the Cameo!






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