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How do I create a canopy mask set from scratch?


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Hello Boom. I have done several, they are not easy but are worthwhile when done. 

The method depends on the type of canopy; if it’s fairly flat then careful measuring, drawing out on the computer and test fitting (usually several times) is the way. This was the case with the Avro Anson:






But if it’s a domed or curved “bubble” type of canopy I have firstly put kabuki-type masking tape over it, traced the edges with a pencil to get the line of the curves then taken the masking tape off and laid it out flat. Then I’ve scanned it into the computer and drawn the edges as previously, as on the Hawker Hunter T7:







I hope this helps. It could be that others have different and perhaps better methods but this one works for me.



PS I’m going to be doing a mask for a Hunter canopy very shortly so I’ll record every step as a tutorial, conveniently it involves both methods described above:



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