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Silhouette problems? Hope not!


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I spent some time yesterday evening showing my wife how to use the Silhouette to draw and cut masks, but when I was shutting it down a message came on screen saying “Silhouette has encountered a problem and needs to quit”.  Subsequent attempts to restart the software met with the same response, so at the moment my machine is effectively dead. I’ll try a reboot etc this morning then contact the help centre to see what they advise. Damn! 

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Max, there are two things worth trying that often fix problems like this. The first is to trash all the associated preferences for the Silhouette Studio software, restart the machine, and then relaunch the software. The software will rebuild the preferences files at launch, though you will lose any customisations. If you're not sure how to find those preferences, I'll post more detailed instructions.


The second option is to completely dump the user cache files from the system, and then restart the computer. Again, if you're not sure where to find them, I'll explain how.



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Thanks Kev, all now sorted!  I uninstalled the program completely and any associated bits that I could find, then downloaded the program again.  I was delighted that it didn't ask for my SSD key, though I had it ready, and that all my files are still intact.  Phew......what a relief! 

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Cheers Kev. It’s reassuring that I had a quick response from the Silhouette Support team, for reference I’ve posted it below:


Thank you for contacting us. My name is Caden, and I will be helping to resolve your questions and concerns on this matter.
I'm sorry to hear of the crashing issue! First, please do the following to clear your Silhouette Studio software preferences. Please note that this procedure will result in the removal of user generated cut settings (blade/thickness/speed settings) and user option selections: 
  1. Close Silhouette Studio
  2. Open the Finder
  3. Press [Cmd]+[Shift]+G
  4. Type in ~/Library/Preferences
  5. Press Return
  6. Delete the Folder com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio  (this one only)
  7. Empty the Trash
  8. Re-open Silhouette Studio
If the issue still persists, please do the following to test for a library corruption that may be causing this issue: 
  • Open the Finder
  • Press [Cmd]+[Shift]+G
  • Type in /Library/Application Support
    • May alternately be located by typing ~/Library/Application Support
  • Press Return
  • Select the folder below, and rename by adding the word "old" onto the end
  • com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.8 > com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.8old
  • Attempt to start Silhouette Studio
If the issues continue just the same after this, you can reverse the steps above by deleting the word "old" and let us know if anything has changed in the startup process. 
If the issue continues, please let us know the following: 
- Operating System (Catalina, etc)
- RAM size (GB)
To locate this, please see the following:
  1. Select the apple symbol at the top left corner
  2. Select “About this Mac”
  3. The system information will be listed
 We look forward to assisting you further.
Thank you,
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On 12/31/2021 at 3:25 AM, Mozart said:

It’s reassuring that I had a quick response from the Silhouette Support team,


I recently contacted them too for a different issue and was very impressed with their support. Plain, simple English that even I could understand.

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