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Laser cutting: Tamiya masking tape


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Hi, folks!


I´m sure that those cricut-machines etc. are the most comfortable way to do some masking. 


But in my case, i had already purchased a laser-module for my 3D-Printer because of other applications. So i wanted to figure out, if it is also useful for making some 1/48 masks.


So if someone else here is interested in laser cutting: i can recommend the following settings for a 5W-Diode-Laser in combination with Lightburn and Tamiya masking paper: 

150mm/min and 5% Power.


If some of you guys already did some laser cutting, i would be happy to hear about your experience with different materials/parameters.


Currently i am building the Tamiya P-38 (what a gem of a kit!). I think in 48-scale it looks better to use the provided decals for everything besides the larger insignia.


I have tried to make a mask for the "Miss Virginia"-Lettering, but i think it´s just too small to handle and align the letters. Nevertheless interesting to see how accurate this setting performs.






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On 3/14/2024 at 8:09 AM, snigel79 said:

Use transfertape to get the alignment of the letters correct, or the serialnumbers on the fins. What 3D-printing machine are you using?

Yes to what snigel said! There are good tutorials here on this site. A quick demo:



I'm also interested in your laser cutter set up. Can you cut balsa with it?


Gene K

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