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I've been working on a pair of ICM Tiger Moths, and in common with many ICM kits, there is a mask template in the instructions which was easily used to produce these masks.  I thought that as we have recent kits of this from Airfix in both 1/48 and 1/72, I'd include these by downscaling the 1/32 masks as detailed in a note on the file.  There is also a separate set of drawings off the cutting area: these are there as an indicator of which mask is which, they correspond to the ICM instructions, thus they are not guaranteed to be the same size as the final masks on the cutting area.


I am in the process of masking up the ICM windscreens, and the fit is OK so far.  I have not yet tried the smaller masks on a kit.  I have a pair of 48th examples in the stash, and will update the file if necessary when I've built them.  If you try the smaller-scale masks, please PM me with any feedback, particularly if the sizes are significantly incorrect.


Thank you.


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