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Dragon Bf110G-4 (1/32 scale)

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This is a tale of what NOT to do!  Designing and cutting the masks for the wing Balkenkreuz was straightforward but using them was not my finest hour!  Let me say first of all that I got away with it, more by luck than judgement but boy, did I make life difficult for myself:





Anybody with half a brain would have used an "empty" mask of the whole cross to spray a white background, then simply apply the four white L masks and spray black....voila, job done, easy peasy!  But for reasons unbeknownst to me I applied the whole mask to the wing, left the "white Ls" in place and then sprayed black.  This then entailed putting the fiddly narrow outer "Ls", four to each cross, back in place plus the large central cross, weeding out the "white section Ls" then spraying white.  The margin for error was huge, the method was stupid, but the result was gratifying!  Never again....think first!


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7 hours ago, Kevin Futter said:

Came out great, Max! But to be honest, I would have done it that way too, just to ensure no white fringing. Mostly though, I try to paint the insignia before the camouflage, for the same reason.

Yes I can see why you prefer the insignia first method Kev, but it’s not something that I’ve really tried.  Many ways of skinning a cat as they say! 

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