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Slat slot fix for HobbyCraft/Academy 1/72 F-86

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Under-Slat Insert for HobbyCraft/Academy 1/72 F-86 slatted Sabre kits (to model slats extended).


Inspired by cpoud117’s recent post for an under-slat insert for the 1/72 Fujimi Sabre, I worked up the same for the HobbyCraft/Academy slatted Sabre kits (slot spacing is not the same).  The bigger difference between the kits is that  the Fujimi wings have the slats molded closed (and must therefore be cut out to extend them), while HobbyCraft  includes separate slats, and has slat “wells” molded into the top wing. Unfortunately those deep wells are totally out of scale since the wing area under the slats should be faired smoothly into the top of the wing.  This Silhouette Studio file facilitates filling the wells.


The file merely includes two pieces for each wing -- a long strip that is laid inside the slat well, and a piece  that sits on top of that strip to allow the piece to attach  flush with the top of the wing … as shown below. The left wing has the strip attached, and the right wing has the under-slat piece glued over that strip … and then  glued to the bottom wing ... ready for detail sanding.




The photo below is for reference - shows the smooth fairing into the top of the wing,  and also the correct position of the extended slats.






1. File was created in Silhouette Studio and cut from .010 plastic using Silhouette Portrait 4.

         a. My cut settings are Depth 10, Force 33, passes 2, and speed 3. Yours may vary depending on machine, age of blades, and hardness of the plastic (among other                 things).

        b. Before cutting, use painters tape around the plastic material on the mat to ensure the plastic stays in place as cutting is taking place – the blade does a lot of horizontal pushing and pulling while cutting through the plastic.


2. Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Quick Setting (!)) will perfectly weld the pieces to the wing, but if an even smoother fit is needed, the insert’s edge can be slightly beveled where it meets the top of the wing.


3. All HobbyCraft/Academy kits have a common sprue that includes slats, so the hard wing kits are a good source for spares (as for use with the Fujimi kit).


4. For those new to Silhouette Studio, I’ll post a short video in the Tutorials forum that shows how I traced the pieces for cutting using Studio tools like Subtract, Mirror and Align vice simply using point-to-point trace (less precise). I'll also address cut settings and use of Line Segment Overcut, Track enhancing, and Intelligent Path Technology to make cleaner cuts.


I’ll also post this file as an SVG for use in cutters other than Silhouette ... or to print and manually cut.


Gene K

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HobbyCraft "based" :classic_rolleyes: their  kits on the Fujimi Sabre, to the point they carried over some of Fujimi 's negatives, like the square speed brakes ... but they left off some of Fujimi's positives, like the latch engravings on the gun access panels. Overall the HC kits are up there with the best current 1/72 Sabre kits, and they make (made) the only Sabre 6 wings (extended 6-3 wing with slats)!


Speaking of slats - they were virtually the same on all Sabres. 👍


Gene K

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