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what to do with oramask 813

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I ordered  810 and they sent 813  they are going to be sending me the  810 and told me to keep the 813.  My understanding is  that 810 is more solvent  capable and 513 is more for water based paint.  Since i use enamels and lacquer  paint.  I prefer the  810 but giving how little solvent is in an airbrush has anyone used 813 and not had the   mask dissolve?  I can experiment to see if no one else has ever used it

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Yep, I had some 813 left over from previous projects and other than being a bit more tacky than I was expecting ive used it successfully on enamels, acrylics and lacquers.


The only downside I've experience sofar is leaving adhesive residue on canopies. Doesnt leave behind a trace on paint or bare plastic, but for some reason, it does on canopies. A quick polish with a moistened q-tip was enough to remove the residue. 

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