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  1. Yep, I had some 813 left over from previous projects and other than being a bit more tacky than I was expecting ive used it successfully on enamels, acrylics and lacquers. The only downside I've experience sofar is leaving adhesive residue on canopies. Doesnt leave behind a trace on paint or bare plastic, but for some reason, it does on canopies. A quick polish with a moistened q-tip was enough to remove the residue.
  2. Great deals!! All the extras are easily availiable from many sources, so whatever you buy, you'll be able to piece together the things you actually WANT 😀
  3. And for an update on my original post, heres the Percival Provost. Roundels, finflash and codes were masked and painted.
  4. Find a bundle deal with the cutting mat and maybe some extra blades. The standard auto blade is more than enough to cut masks. Oracal masking film is a commonly used masking film and at $20 for a 25ft roll, is great bang for your buck. As always, i'm open to suggestion for better alternatives! The supplied free factory software does now include drawing tools like the "Trace " function. Its actually fairly comprehensive. The software is easy enough to use, and there are countless video tutorials online. Dont limit yourself to just watching modelling tutorial
  5. I knocked this one out for a bit of fun in-between more indepth projects. Knife blade for scale. I later painted in the details on the dragon by hand. Just a bit of fun to practice some airbrushing! Denzil
  6. RadBaron


    Awesome writeup, Max, thankyou!
  7. Can anyone recommend a good US suppliers for the Uktramask?
  8. That's brilliant, Max! I've often used bare metal foil to make raised panels stiffeners, but struggled with the usual issues of making identical shapes etc. This'll make short work of them!
  9. What were your considerations, Kev? I picked the cameo purely because I was familiar with the precious model and figured this one would be similar, if slightly better than the 3 I was using. Will do! I'm at early stages in terms of what the thing can do. Sofar I can draw and cut stickers and masks. Id like to learn what other materials are feasible and what fancy things the drawing software can do. ALL suggestions are welcomed! Cheers, Denzil
  10. Finally got a new toy! I'd been using my previous workplace's Cameo 3, so I'm excited to learn what more capabilities the 4 has! First job: markings for a 1/48 Percival Provost! Denzil
  11. I'm building the old Hasegawa kit, but dead on accuracy isn't critical, so masks to suit any of the mainstream kits would work.
  12. As the title suggests, does anyone have a drawing for p51B canopy? Cheers, Denzil.
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