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  1. I knocked this one out for a bit of fun in-between more indepth projects. Knife blade for scale. I later painted in the details on the dragon by hand. Just a bit of fun to practice some airbrushing! Denzil
  2. RadBaron


    Awesome writeup, Max, thankyou!
  3. Can anyone recommend a good US suppliers for the Uktramask?
  4. That's brilliant, Max! I've often used bare metal foil to make raised panels stiffeners, but struggled with the usual issues of making identical shapes etc. This'll make short work of them!
  5. What were your considerations, Kev? I picked the cameo purely because I was familiar with the precious model and figured this one would be similar, if slightly better than the 3 I was using. Will do! I'm at early stages in terms of what the thing can do. Sofar I can draw and cut stickers and masks. Id like to learn what other materials are feasible and what fancy things the drawing software can do. ALL suggestions are welcomed! Cheers, Denzil
  6. Finally got a new toy! I'd been using my previous workplace's Cameo 3, so I'm excited to learn what more capabilities the 4 has! First job: markings for a 1/48 Percival Provost! Denzil
  7. I'm building the old Hasegawa kit, but dead on accuracy isn't critical, so masks to suit any of the mainstream kits would work.
  8. As the title suggests, does anyone have a drawing for p51B canopy? Cheers, Denzil.
  9. Thanks guys, I really need to sit down and learn more about how to use the drawing software 😄
  10. Gday Ray! What have you got on the bench at the moment? Denzil
  11. After that, I played around with different designs, making some stickers for various applications. Stickers on my car Laptop I've since moved on from that job, so I'll be buying a Cameo IV to cut the masks for the 1/32 ME110 thats half built on my bench! Super excited to see what you guys all come up with 😁 Denzil
  12. Howdy everyone, another LSPer here! I'm an aircraft mechanic during the day, and after seeing the results guys were getting with paint masks, I thought I could apply the technique to full sized aircraft. The shop I worked at did a lot of high end avionics upgrades, and the need for unique stencils and placards allowed me to convince the boss to buy a Cameo III for that purpose. Since It was my idea, I got tasked with learning and putting it to use. Here are a few results. This is a circuit breaker panel from a Cessna 172 An entire brand new panel for a Piper
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