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    You're welcome Max. This feature is similar to the point editor in CAD programme Rhino3D, which I'm familiar with. That's why I recognized its usefulness. πŸ™‚ Cheers, Peter
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    That's a great tutorial! Let me add my two cents as well, i hope its OK, otherwise I'll ask Kev to move this post. I received my Silhouette Portrait 3 recently and am learning the software now. With the Basic Edition that comes with the Portrait 3 you can now import pictures and trace them. I'm making masks for the registration letters for a model of a Dutch civil general aviation plane (1/20 Fuji FA-200). On the dutch government website, articles about the prescribed letter font and -distance can be found. These include pictures of very crap
  3. Thanks, Max!πŸ˜€ Yes indeed, I already read some useful stuff which helped with my purchase. A Silhouette Portrait 3 is on its way, with the standard software which should be able to import and trace pictures. We'll see. I foresee a need to import drawings as well, that's probably for the designers edition of the software. A 20cm wide roll of Oramask 810 is on its way too. When I have the cutter at home, I want to order a spare knive and a heavy duty knive. If I've understood correct, the Portrait 3 and the Cameo 4 should use the same knives but I want to see what th
  4. Hi guys, A few days ago I signed up on the forum. Modelling for more than 47 years now, I'm a member of LSP and also build planes in 172 scale and sometimes smaller. Occasionally a car finds its way to my workbench. Seeing on LSP what is possible with a cutter, now it's the time to buy one! It will be a Silhouette Portrait, its relatively small size is very convenient for me. Thanks Kev for letting me join the forum! Cheers, Peter
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