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  1. Thanks, Brian. With my familiarity with AutoCAD, it would require no learning at all to draw what I need, then convert, so that's what I was hoping for.
  2. I tend to use AutoCAD (2005, not LT), quite frequently, and was wondering if my drawing files could be easily interpreted/converted by the various cutter software programs. Thanks a bunch,
  3. I don't have all that many right now either, having sold off several before I moved a few years back, but I did retain a 1:100 L-1011, 1:144 767 and a few others. I'll also eventually be adding a 1:100 DC-9, and a couple of 1:144 L-1011 kits. possibly a 777 too.
  4. Such a cool what if concept, Brian; I really like it. I'm tempted to show my Hasegawa N1K2, where I used Montex masks, but since it turned out so badly (not the fault of the masks), I probably won't.
  5. Interesting idea, Brian. While I've yet to grab even one Bandai kit, I think it's almost inevitable that I eventually will.
  6. At some point in the future, I'd really love to have a nice mask set to do a 1:100 Ozark DC-9 with. Ozark Airlines were a very frequent sight for me as a boy here in St Louis, and I've been a fan ever since.
  7. Long time LSP member and modeler here. While I've not yet entered the world of custom masks, aside from some Montex store bought goodies, I anxiously look forward to learning more, and most certainly will benefit from some custom stuff, in the hopefully not too distant future. Kevin
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