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  1. Created masks for the airbase and commander codes ("SP" and "52FW") to replace the included decals. Everything else is decal. Things that worked well: scanning the original decals and using them to align replacement text in Inkscape. Also scanned the painting/decal guide from the kit, scaled it to fit, and cut the mask to align with edges of the stab and panels. Love that the color matches the body color perfectly, unlike the original decal, for example the "AF91-352" bit. Things I need to work on. I must have laid the paint on too thick, as I ended up with
  2. Thanks Kev! I borrowed heavily from (OK, I basically traced) a commercial product and wouldn't feel right depriving the creator of his due by posting the files. That said, now that I've gotten some practice and am starting to build up some skill with Inkscape, I'm likely to end up creating my own from scratch before I'm done, and those I will happily make available.
  3. Thanks all! Now that I've had a chance to play with it, the transfer tape I already had has been working really well with the 810. Letting me do exactly what I had hoped I'd be able to.
  4. Hi All! I've ordered some Oramask 810 and looking forward to playing with it with my Silhouette cutter. I'm curious about using transfer tape to move complex designs (Enterprise Aztec masks, anyone?) from backing paper onto a model. My understanding is that the 810 is pretty low-tack, and the only transfer tape I've used up til now has been pretty strong. I've no idea how that combo would work well together. Is there a better choice than the transfer tape I've been using with Oracal 651? Thanks in advance! Chris
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