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  1. Hello everybody, thanks for allowing me on board. I'm primarily an aircraft and armour modeller with a bit of space (real and fictional) thrown in for good measure, and the odd ship or two. (Okay I do everything apart from Cars and Motorcycles). I have been pondering the purchase of a cutter for some while now to aid in paint masking and possibly some scratch building. Finally purchased a 2nd hand Cameo 4. Need to read through all the tutorials and posts to gain some knowledge. Got to get to grips with the software (at the same time learning the software for my 3D resin printer too) and still find some time for modelling. So apologies in advance if I ask any silly questions because I have been unable to find any answers via searching. Off now to find UK suppliers of masking material and replacement cutting mats as lord knows what the previous owner of my cutter did with his....covered it with crepe paper by the looks of it. Regards BACTSR2 (Adam)
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