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how long can you leave masks on?

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Hello to you all

maybe a few dumb qustions

Im working on my first mask set for a plane

now i have to mask a lot in the same area for difrent colors

so i dondt know how long i can leave them on

And what is the best paper masks or foil


Thanks Mark

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Mark, not dumb questions at all. The best material for masking is low-tack vinyl, Oramask 810 is very popular but Artool make similar products. 
Leaving masks on? I can only speak from my own experience using MRP lacquer-based paints as my standard paint. I get my masks off as soon as the paint is dry (typically 15 minutes with Oramask) but I have also left them on for a couple of days on occasions with no problems. 
Hope this helps but ask more if you need.


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