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Creating Canopy Mask suggestions?


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Okay, well, it seems that perhaps Limits needs to be set in the AutoCAD file and the Import Settings in Studio need to be set to Centered and the two check boxes set to off. I'm not sure about the check boxes but I turned them off and it appears to come in at the proper scale. I also appears that the dxf file needs to be imported into the Library but I'll try a bit more o that too.


I had also tried importing the dxf file into AI and then exporting an svg file from AI and that seemed to work properly.


Note, I have a CS6 copy of AI for reference.


The mask for the flat windscreen piece seems to have come out okay and is limited by my shaky hands getting located correctly. 😬


The side pieces for the windscreen are something else, I'll have to work on them. :classic_blush:


One piece down and 4 to go. Although two of the 4 are mirrored pieces, so 3 to figure out. 🙂

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I’m afraid I did mine very much “old school”, neolithic even! I taped the area to be masked on the canopy then drew around the outline as exactly as I could.  Then I  took the tape off the canopy and laid it flat on the bench, photographed it and imported that into Silhouette, then drew it out. I needed to tweak it a little in places and on the more severe curves on the internal masks added a “cut line” to accommodate the curvature.

It might seem long-winded but it works and of course it’s easy to duplicate for both sides of the outer canopy, AND by reducing the size slightly you’ve got the internal masking. 

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