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Welcome aboard!




Honestly, I haven't upgraded so far, but I'm also far from a heavy user. My advice would be to stick with the basic version, which has plenty of functionality, and then as you step up in experience and ambition, consider the upgrade then.



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Hi, I agree with Kev and MikeC.


I've a Cameo 4 and to date haven't really used it to anywhere near its potential and I've only got the base software version. Learn the basics of the software first before spending money on the Business version and upgrade when you need to do something the base version won't allow.



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I’ve been using my Cameo 2 for, I think, about 8 years now. It came with pretty basic software and the one-time purchase of the Designer edition was essential, but I understand that the Cameo 4 comes with a much more comprehensive software package, so do what the others have advised……try it first to see if you need more “tricks”. 

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