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  1. This will come in handy for one of my projects that is currently on the go. imagine a Macchi done up in natural metal, with two DH Vampires off each wing in V formation. All of which are in the markings of the Royal Australian Air Force Telstars aerobatic team.
  2. As Vader once said....... ”Impressive” “Most impressive” any chance you’ll be doing one for the X-wing or snow speeder?
  3. At the moment, I have a 1/72 P-40, that I am finishing in a RAAF colour scheme, a 1/32 Spitfire VIII in RAAF Grey Nurse scheme and slowly working on a 1/72 Super Constellation refurbishment. Which will eventually look like the airworthy “Connie” that is at the HARS museum down south from where I live.
  4. Many thanks for allowing me to join👍🏻
  5. husband, father, Balloon Ground Crew, RFS Volunteer, AvGeek, Model builder, Aviation/Astrophotographer Mmmm🤔 Yeah, I think will about some it.
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