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  1. Thanks guys, that’s certainly a big tick in the plus column for it. I can’t imagine I’ll ever get to a point that the software would be a limitation.
  2. Thanks Max im just wondering at this point what the minimum is that I’d need to be able to make canopy and the odd panel masks in terms of cutter and the best substrate to use too. Also; what software would I need and how easy is it to design your own masks and convert them into formats that the cutter can work with. I use a MacBook Air so it also needs to be iOS compatible. Many thanks in advance. Phil
  3. Hello folks! found this forum after looking at the possibility of making my own masks for painting and I saw a link on LSP. I’ve recently spent ages cutting out some masks by hand for a few models especially canopies and I’ve tried the liquid masks but don’t necessarily like them either. Either way it’s frustrating so I’ve decided to look at the silhouette portrait cutter and wanted to find out more about the whole topic before I commit to buying one given the investment.
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