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  1. I bought some Cricut Transfer tape from my local craft store and it works great. Being able to see through clearly makes it super easy to place accurately.
  2. Thanks Kevin. I think I'll spend my quite time on Sunday morning playing with the software. My only real project for the Silhouette so far has been new numbers for my mailbox.
  3. Is auto-trace a function of the standard software or does it need to be upgraded? I need to just spend a good quite day playing with the software to see what it can do. If needed I'll be happy to upgrade it. It sounds like it might be well worth it.
  4. Funny you should mention having a spare mat. I just bought a Cameo 4 just a couple of weeks ago. The first thing I did was drop my mat sticky side down on the carpet, and we have a dog that sheds. You know the rest. It sure would not hurt to have a spare mat and blade. I have not tried the bluetooth because mine is close to the PC. I do plan to give it a try though. It would be good to have the option of using it right next to my modeling desk.
  5. I just made an absolutely perfect cut using your suggested settings on Oramask 810. Every bit as nice as store bought masks. What I didn't realize is the the blade depth needs to be set on the blade itself. Thanks for your help.
  6. So far I have only used the Auto Blade that came with my Cameo 4. I'm still learning how to set everything up and I've actually cut into the Matt at least one time. So far I have only cut some old drafting film and some Tamiya masking sheets. With the masking sheets there seems to be a fine line between cutting through and not quite cutting all the way through the masking tape and not the backing. I bought a pack of 2mm blades but have not tried them yet. What blades do you guys use for cutting the Oramask 810 stuff? I just got a bunch but have not tried it yet. I hope I get a go
  7. Well, here is my first try. I brought the image of the scanned Phantom seatbelts into the Studio software and figured out how to trace. It was easy once I figured it out but don't ask me to explain how I did it. Then I just sent it to the machine using some old drafting applique film I had from my old drafting days. I think this might just work. I've ordered some matt grey vinyl to try it on too. If this looks useful to anyone I can upload the file into the sharing section.
  8. May not work but I'm willing to waste a little time trying. I enjoy working through problems like this and drawing on the computer so it's a perfect project for me. I'll keep you guys posted no matter how it goes.
  9. I have some 1/32 modern jet seatbelt buckles on the way. I was originally going to try making belts from tape or something like usual. When I was looking at the Silhouette cutting material at the store I see they have some good colors like tan, grey and olive green and others. I'm going to give cutting some seatbelts a try. The machine should even be able to replicate stitching. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
  10. It's been too long and busy a day to open the box but tomorrow morning I'm gonna start playing with it. I bought some mask sheets at the store to learn on but also ordered a bunch of Oramask 810 sheets that should be here next week. I'm sure I'll have questions but I hope I'll be able to contribute to the site soon too. Al
  11. I don't have my cutter yet but have been playing with the software. I have Design CAD and have been making drawings in that and exporting them as JPG files which open right up in the free Silouette program with no upgrades. I used to work with AutoCAD but don't remember if it will export JPG.
  12. Thanks Kevin. I'll keep that in mind. I don't want to cause any problems with the forum but I would like to contribute if I can.
  13. I've been playing with creating files in Design CAD which I am familiar with and saving them as JPG files. They seem to open up and work just fine in the Silouette software. It's pretty easy to scan and trace in Design CAD so it should be pretty easy to convert a decal sheet. Is it OK to use files converted from decal sheets here? I don't want to have any copyright problem's. I wanted to try to do some off a P-40 decal sheet with a good old shark mouth.
  14. AlbertD


    Thanks Max. Stuff like this will sure be a huge help to get a good start when I get mine. I can hardly wait.
  15. Thank you. Seeing you guys paint on the great markings pushed me over the edge and want one. Builds like the above Mustang just look so much better than decals. I have used store bought a couple of times but it can be hard to fund just what you need. It will be nice to be able to just cut a new mask when one gets messed up too. I hope I can eventually contribute to the library on here.
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