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  1. Welcome! IIRC, Cricut requires you to work on line and save your files on line, not your computer. There were some rumblings a couple months ago about Cricut starting to require a subscription to do that too. I recall seeing something about Cricut backing off that to some to some degree. You should probably check into that before you purchase. Silhouette software does not require that. I have a Cameo 4 and save all my files on my computer. Dave
  2. I had a look at the video, that's kinda confusing. I wonder why it isn't like the cameo.
  3. Congratulations Mike, first cut! Onward! Dave
  4. Mike, I downloaded your file and loaded it up. First thing, the blade depth is set to 1. The 'silvery' looking digit is the automatic setting. You said above that you've tried blade depths up to 5. My apologies, but to make sure, you are setting the depth in the software, right? I'm guilty of doing similar things. This is from a comment I made to a cutting question over at LSP. Well, Oramask 810 is listed as 3 mil thickness. I don't know if that is just the material and does or does not include the adhesive. Somewhere I thought I read that the Auto Blade total adjustment 0 to 10 is a total of 1 mm. Therefore, setting 1 is for 0.1 mm. 0.1mm is just under 4 mil. So, theoretically it should cut. But as recommended by Max the depth should be setting 2. I've been using a depth setting of 2 and it cuts the material but it doesn't cut through the backing. HTH. So, the depth setting really needs to be a minimum of 2. From Max's question whether you can turn off the automatic depth setting. "Action" has two selections, "Auto (cut)" as shown and "Cut". I haven't tried it, but I wonder if you manually set the auto blade to a depth of 2 and set the Action to just Cut. If I make those selections, the software doesn't throw up any errors. But note, I haven't pressed the Send button to actually send it to the cutter. Dave
  5. Max, with the Auto Blade in a Cameo 4, and I'm assuming same in the Portrait 3, the first thing after 'Sending', the machine does an automatic reset depth to 0 and then clicks the blade up and down the necessary number of times to set the desired depth. Also, perhaps you should check on machine firmware if you haven't already. Silhouette America - Firmware Updates There is a ratchet blade (it's black) which goes in the black holder. Silhouette America - Blade - SILH-BLADE-3-3T I wonder how it would work. There is a black holder that came with the Cameo 4. Do holders for other blades come with the Portrait 3? Not that that is an excuse for it not working correctly in the first place. Dave
  6. Silly question first because I did it. Have you latched the blade into the holder? I didn't initially realize that that little 'handle' moved and is how you latch the blade in. I just pushed the blade down, it was a snug fit, so I thought that was all that was necessary. I have a Cameo 4, BTW. What are your settings? I've been using the Artool Ultramask and my settings for that are Depth-2, Force-6, Speed-5, Passes-1.
  7. Mike, I have 2 of the 5 or 6' extension cables along with the printer cable on mine. It loops back around things out of the way. The direct path from the computer to the cutter would be right across my chair. 🤣
  8. It's about 6'. I'm using it with a desktop that doesn't have Bluetooth on the motherboard so it's a dongle plugged into the front of the case. Another thing, it will only work with being connected to one PC at a time. If you have multiple PCs, only one computer's Windows can be connected. I realize I don't know your situation, but having it upstairs seems to make a lot of trips up and down. For what I've used it for, it doesn't take long for it to cut and I usually prefer to make sure it starts out ok. This from the Support reply email. HTH Your Bluetooth connection can only be established with no other connections to the machine. This means we need to first, ensure your USB cable is not plugged in to your machine or computer. Second, please go to your Bluetooth Device menu on your computer and ensure the Silhouette machine is not paired. If that isn't successful, then please verify your computer meets the minimum requirement for Bluetooth compatibility, Bluetooth 4.0 support, by visiting http://www.bluetoothandusb3.com/how-to-confirm-bluetooth-version-of-computer Follow these steps to locate the LMP version currently on your computer. To operate the Silhouette machine via Bluetooth connection, the LMP should be 6.0 or above. This will indicate a Bluetooth 4.0 support. Dave
  9. Mike, I have a Cameo 4. Connections are USB and Bluetooth. I had a struggle getting a connection with Bluetooth, even sending an email to Support. After a reply from Support and going through everything again, I finally got it to connect and be recognized. At a later time it didn't seem to want to connect so I have given up on Bluetooth and I'm using USB with an extension cable. With USB it works great, no connection issues. IIRC, USB is necessary if the firmware has to be updated. Dave
  10. I guess it needs to be mentioned on other modeling groups. For me, LSP is the only modeling group that I'm actively participating on.
  11. Yeah, I've noticed that there isn't much 'action'. I've also noticed that some folks over at LSP who have been pointed here, still post over there on the subject. I usually check it several time a day. Dave
  12. Hi Bax, I have a 4. I've not really used it a lot yet, but so far I haven't had any problems. I chose Silhouette because I didn't like the idea of everything being in the "cloud" either. The photo is a 1/48 A-20. The aircraft codes and S/N were cut with the 4. The national markings are decals. I'm slowly working my way there. I also used it to cut the masks for the pilot's canopy (not visible in the photo.) I'm slowly getting around to weathering the A-20. I've also used it for canopy masks for a 1/32 T-2 and I'm working on marking masks for a 1/28 Camel. I've not done anything in 1/72. I've only cut things using the mat and auto blade that came with it. Dave
  13. I saw something pop up this afternoon that said Cricut has relented for existing customers, or something like that. But I got the idea that new customers will be limited to 20 projects per month or have to subscribe.
  14. Well, one thing that pointed me toward a Cameo was the fact that the Cricut software is online only. I didn't test the software but I have the impression that project storage is online also. On Cricut's servers? It sounds like they are going to limit storage space to 20 projects per month for those folks who do not subscribe.
  15. denders

    RAF Fonts.

    So, I took it from your OP, you were looking for font files? Have a look at FREE AIRCRAFT FONTS - Download - Army, Navy, Air Force, Aircraft Typefaces (tripod.com)
  16. Thanks, this will bel helpful when I get to that point on one of my builds. Dave
  17. There isn't a weld function for the endpoints of arcs and lines, unfortunately. I think you just have to zoom in real close and make sure the endpoints meet or overlap slightly. I had had a problem with making a Bluetooth connection and while I had the ear of someone there, I made a feature request about being able to weld the endpoints of arcs and lines. I received a neutral response about passing that onward. At least I wasn't shot down in flames.
  18. I have some Ultramask, not sure about the F506, but the above settings seem to work just fine when I've tested it.
  19. denders

    Germanic Font

    I have a TrueTypeFont Bloskschrift fur Flugzeuge I don't know where I got it. Do a Google Search for "Bloskschrift fur Flugzeuge Font" there are several listings.
  20. If you go to the Silhouette web site, they have a chart that shows the various features included in each version of the software. It is the same software with additional features enabled depending upon which Upgrade you purchase. Silhouette America - Software Features Comparison Chart
  21. I have 813 and 810, while I'm working on my first canopy mask I'm noticing that the adhesive on the 813 is a bit stickier and 813 seems to be a little stiffer.
  22. Second pass on the right and left parts of the windscreen portion. It looks pretty good, I just need the hands to be steadier for applying the masks. On to the next parts.
  23. Thanks Max. I thought about that too, but being a retired engineer........... I thought I'd try to make it harder. 🤪
  24. Okay, well, it seems that perhaps Limits needs to be set in the AutoCAD file and the Import Settings in Studio need to be set to Centered and the two check boxes set to off. I'm not sure about the check boxes but I turned them off and it appears to come in at the proper scale. I also appears that the dxf file needs to be imported into the Library but I'll try a bit more o that too. I had also tried importing the dxf file into AI and then exporting an svg file from AI and that seemed to work properly. Note, I have a CS6 copy of AI for reference. The mask for the flat windscreen piece seems to have come out okay and is limited by my shaky hands getting located correctly. 😬 The side pieces for the windscreen are something else, I'll have to work on them. One piece down and 4 to go. Although two of the 4 are mirrored pieces, so 3 to figure out. 🙂
  25. Okay.... Well, so far it doesn't look like dxf is opened/imported to scale. It started out smaller and I had to scale it up, which doesn't sound good. I'll have to do some research.
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