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  1. IainM


    That's a great tutorial, thank you!! Lots of interesting gen in there!
  2. IainM

    Germanic Font

    Thank you!! Will do!
  3. IainM

    Germanic Font

    Hi there Does anybody have an inkling of the type of font used for German WW2 aircraft as far as aircraft codes go? I was wondering if there is a specific (or close enough) font in the Silhouette Designer edition that can be used?
  4. Yep! From me to me 😂
  5. Hi all Just unboxed my Cameo 4 today, managed to get it set up, and imported some files into my library! Step 1 of many...😅 Thanks to everyone who has uploaded files so far, they're going to be a great help. I'll fumble my way along and hopefully get some in there as well one day! Now the learning begins!! Iain
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