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  1. Hi, I agree with Kev and MikeC. I've a Cameo 4 and to date haven't really used it to anywhere near its potential and I've only got the base software version. Learn the basics of the software first before spending money on the Business version and upgrade when you need to do something the base version won't allow. P
  2. Sorry I haven't a clue either. Does this article from Silhouette help? https://silhouette-secrets.com/2019/12/23/lets-explore-v4-overcut/ P
  3. Thanks, I'll see how I get on! Complete beginner in this so it should be fun. P
  4. Very nice. Can you confirm the scale for the masks? Many thanks P
  5. Hi, Have joined following a posting on Facebook. Delighted to see this forum as I'm just getting started with developing/creating masks, etc. To date I have been looking at what cutter to buy and decided on a Silhouette Cameo 4. Advice from others steered me to a Silhouette and as I would like to cut any material I saw the Cameo as the best option. Did order a machine but supplier never despatched so just sorting that out and I'll get another ordered. Following all posts with great interest. P
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